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01. Project

Digital cities are urban areas that use technology to improve the lives of their citizens, enhance public services, and foster economic growth. They are powered by data, connectivity, and innovation.

We are proud to be engaged by Dell Technologies, a global leader in digital transformation, to produce a corporate explainer video about their contribution to digital cities. The video showcases how Dell Technologies helps cities become smarter, safer, and more sustainable through their solutions and partnerships.

The production of the video involved on-site video shooting at various locations where Dell Technologies operates, as well as simple animation in post-production to illustrate their concepts and impact. We used our expertise in corporate video production and corporate interview video to deliver a high-quality and engaging video that reflects Dell Technologies’ vision and values.

We are honored to work with Dell Technologies on this project and we hope you enjoy watching the video. If you are looking for a professional and reliable video production company to create your next corporate video, please contact us today.

02. Scope

» Pre-Production: Producer, Director, Storyboard, Location Research, Logistics/Transportation and Scheduling.
» Production: Director of Photography, Camera Assistant, Lighting, Production Management.
» Post-Production: Video Editing, Simple Animation & Color Grading