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01. Project

Fendi, the renowned Italian fashion house, is synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship and timeless style. They unveiled the “World of Fendi” event at Singapore’s ArtScience Museum, a captivating showcase of their heritage and innovation.

Prologue Pictures was entrusted by Fendi’s marketing team to document this exclusive event through professional event photography and videography. Our skilled photographers captured the essence of the evening, from the intricate details of the couture pieces on display to the captivating ambiance of the museum.

Through our work, we aimed to create a visual narrative that embodied the elegance and sophistication of the Fendi brand.

02. Scope

Pre-Production: Producer, Location Research, Logistics/Transportation and Scheduling
Production: Director of Photography, Event Videography, Production Management
Post-Production: Video Editing & Color Grading

Exhibition Video

Exhibition Photo

Event Video

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