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01. Project

The Fullerton Building – home to The Fullerton Hotel Singapore – celebrates its 90th anniversary with the inaugural launch of Fullerton Concours d’Elegance – a prestigious automotive event taking centre stage in The Fullerton Heritage precinct in 2018. Hustle & Bustle, an event agency, was engaged to spearhead the organization of the event. We were tasked by the agency to produce a documentary film which explores The Fullerton Building’s heritage in conjunction with the Fullerton Concours d’Elegance.

02. Scope

» Pre-Production: Film concept and storyboarding, writers, producers, location planning, location research, location management, talent casting, talent management, transportation arrangements, vehicles, drivers, accommodation, food & beverages, scheduling and budgeting.
» Production: Directors, Assistant Directors (AD), Producers, Director of Photography (DP), Camera Operators, Camera Assistants, Gaffer, Grip, Sound Engineers, Production management, Location Management, wardrobe stylists, hair stylists, make-up stylists, talent management, transport and accommodations, food and beverages.
» Post-Production: Directors, Film/Video editors, sound effects (SFX) and VO recording.

Full Documentary

Cut #1: Journey Through Heritage

Cut #2: Reimagining Tradition

Cut #3: Continuing the Legacy