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01. Project

“Esperienza Giro is a program designed for Lamborghini owners to experience unforgettable adventures by exploring the most spectacular places and roads in the world in their own cars. Esperienza Giro has been to some of the most exclusive destinations on the five continents, exploring, among other places, Italy, the United States, China, Japan and Oceania: a unique sight of dozens of Lamborghinis heading to places that dreams are made of. The pleasure of driving, exclusivity and time spent in high-end residences: Esperienza Giro is the perfect way for the owners to release their desire to drive on the road while living their passion for Lamborghini cars to the full.”
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02. Scope

» Pre-Production: Producer, Storyboard, Location Research, Logistics/Transportation and Scheduling.
» Production: Event Videographers, Camera Assistant, Production Management.
» Post-Production: Video Editing & Color Grading