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01. Project

We had the privilege of working with Dentsu Singapore, a creative agency that champions for meaningful progress and connects brands to the future. They hired us to do a photoshoot for their client, Kino Ellips, a hair care brand that offers natural and nourishing products for different hair types.

The photoshoot was part of a larger media production project, where we had to coordinate with the video production team and capture the best moments on camera. We had a talented crew of photographer, assistants, and digitech who ensured that the images were of high quality and matched the client’s vision. We also handled the post-production work, such as DI, color correction, and color grading, to deliver stunning photos that showcased the beauty and benefits of Kino Ellips products.

You may view samples of the commercial photos below. If you like what you see and are looking for commercial photography services in Singapore, please contact us. We offer high-quality and affordable photography service for all kinds of occasions.

02. Scope

» Pre-Production: Producer, Location Research & Scouting, Scheduling, Logistics Planning, Client Outreach, Crew Management
» Production: Producer, Photographer, Photography Assistants, Photo Digitech, Client and Crew Management, Scheduling, Logistics
» Post-Production: Production Management, Digital Intermediate (DI), Color Correction, Color Grading