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01. Project

TAG Heuer, a pioneer in luxury Swiss watches, celebrated Cortina Watch 50th Anniversary. This milestone event was a fusion of elegance and heritage. With speeches from esteemed directors, the unveiling of the exclusive TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Cortina Watch Limited Edition took center stage. Guests indulged in gourmet delights and signature cocktails while an artist sketched personalized memories.

At this illustrious occasion, our lens became the storyteller. TAG Heuer’s marketing team entrusted us with documenting every moment, ensuring that each memory was immortalized through our event photography. In the midst of jubilant festivities and timeless craftsmanship, we captured the essence of this extraordinary milestone – a testament to TAG Heuer and Cortina Watch’s enduring legacy.

02. Scope

Production: Event Photography
Post-Production: Photo Color Correction

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