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01. Project

The air buzzed with excitement as vintage beauties gleamed under the Singapore sun. We had the privilege of documenting the Annual National Day Charity Classic Car Drive organized by The Fullerton Hotel (Singapore), a truly special event that combined automotive nostalgia with heartwarming community spirit.

Our lenses followed a vibrant convoy of classic cars, each a rolling testament to a bygone era. From sleek Alfa Romeos to iconic Minis, the vehicles transported us on a visual journey through automotive history. But the true heart of the event lay in the smiles of the passengers – senior citizens and youths from various beneficiaries enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime ride. We captured the joy of their expressions as they marveled at the cityscapes, the camaraderie as they shared stories, and the pure elation as they waved to cheering crowds. It was a day filled with laughter, connection, and a renewed sense of community spirit.

A special thanks to Hustle & Bustle for organizing this meaningful event and entrusting us to document it. It was an honor to be a part of something so special and use our photography and videography skills to share the story with the world.

02. Scope

» Pre-Production: Producer, Location Research, Logistics/Transportation and Scheduling
» Production: Director of Photography, Event Photography, Event Videography, Production Management
» Post-Production: Photo Color Correction, Video Editing & Color Grading

Event Videography

Event Photography

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