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We excel at capturing the essence of your events, ensuring every moment is preserved with excellence. Our expertise covers a wide range of services, including event photography, event videography, highlights video editing, and video live-streaming and broadcasting. From intimate gatherings to grand scale events, we have proudly served small companies, large corporations, private enterprises, and government projects alike. Experience the magic of our work by viewing our captivating event portfolio below. Let us be your trusted partner in documenting and preserving your special moments.

Our comprehensive services cover every stage of your project. In the pre-production phase, we handle various tasks such as video and photo production, location scouting, briefing, planning, scheduling, and costing. Moving into the production phase, we offer an extensive range of services including event photography, aerial photography, portrait photography, event videography, aerial videography, video live-streaming, broadcasting, and live projections. For post-production, our expertise lies in photography editing, color correction, event video editing, video color grading, motion effects, and creating event video highlights. Subsequently, the event photos and videos we produce can be seamlessly distributed by our clients as social media content, online material, and digital marketing and PR materials. From initial conception to final execution and distribution, we provide a comprehensive solution to fulfill all your photography and videography needs.